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Food and Agriculture Business Seminar

Thanks to recent generous donor support we have very good news. We are now able to significantly reduce registration rates for the Food and Agriculture Business Seminar. Our registration rate has been adjusted to $1750.00 +HST until May 15, 2015. Rates will increase to $2000.00 + HST after this date. If you have already registered for the Food and Agriculture Business Seminar we will reimburse you the difference.

June 21-23, 2015 at the University of Guelph

The Food Institute has developed the Food and Agriculture Business Seminar to bring together a diverse group of current and emerging leadership in the industry to collectively examine trends and issues in today’s global marketplace.

By working together in strategically dynamic groups, the participants will benefit from each other’s expertise as they critically examine real cases and interact with the executives of the featured businesses in a non-competitive environment.

The seminar’s cases will explore shifting roles of government, food security, consumer perspective and developing markets in real scenarios that top industry businesses and organizations have faced. Attendees will be expected to have studied the cases prior to the event, and will be organized into diverse discussion groups facilitated by subject matter experts during their attendance. Within these discussion groups, attendees will challenge the issues and relevant points amongst themselves in preparation for the open
discussion, which will be led by the case study creator and an executive of the guest organisation, in a plenary session.

Participants will leave with a new perspective, strategic networks and critical skills to better serve their own business and the food and agriculture industry as a whole.

Who is the Food and Agriculture Business Seminar for?

Attendees will include: Emerging and experienced executives of food and agricultural businesses, legal and financial professionals supporting the industry, technical and consulting specialists, senior government policy makers, and leaders of relevant nongovernmental organizations from Canada and from around the world.