Catalyst Centre - IP Academy

Conducting a Patent Search—Tools, Resources and Approaches

When:  Feb 28, 2013: 9:30-11:30 AM

Where: SCIE 1504

Who Should Attend:

The workshop is planned for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculties.

About the Workshop:

Search for prior-art is the primary criteria to establish the novelty and non-obviousness of an in­vention and hence to determine its patentability. Prior-art will include patents related to an inven­tion. In this workshop you’ll learn about the tools and resources available to do a patent search which teaches or otherwise directly related to your invention(s). On-line demonstrations will also be given on some methodologies specific to your technical field. Please bring your laptop for the session.

Workshop Leader:

Michael White, MLIS, B.A., Librarian for Research Services, Queens University


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