How does one make the jump from academia to startup?

Jeremy Friedberg shares his journey from academic to startup co-founder.

On Wednesday, April 1, Jeremy Friedberg, co-founder of Spongelab Interactive, will share his journey from researcher to business owner and discuss alternative science-based careers. The event begins at 5:30 pm and we will provide pizza and refreshments. 


Jeremy Friedberg, co-founder of Spongelab Interactive

Jeremy Friedberg
Co-founder of Spongelab Interactive.

Jeremy is an accomplished scientist, educator, speaker, educational game designer and entrepreneur. He has founded several education technology companies, led the development of numerous education communication tools and designed revolutionary educational games which have garnered international recognition with awards from the National Science Foundation, Journal of Science and the United Nations.

Jeremy holds a Doctorate in molecular genetics and biotechnology from the University of Guelph. He has been involved extensively in both public and private scientific education programs, consults and designs for global interactive educational initiatives and volunteers with high school students, talking about the importance of a strong background in science and alternative science-based careers. Jeremy is an invited speaker on many aspects of science and education, specifically, on promoting the use of data-driven personalized learning technologies, the efficacy of digital learning tools in formal education settings and the gamification of education.

Outside of Spongelab, Jeremy enjoys not sleeping, his young children, coffee, building blocks, more coffee, red balloons, and the belief that one day he'll drink less coffee.

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