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We help invention become innovation

The Catalyst Centre (CC) is the University of Guelph’s technology transfer and industrial liaison office. The CC oversees all aspects of the University’s intellectual property (IP) management and technology commercialization activities.

We help faculty, staff and students protect their IP, and evaluate and maximize its commercial potential. Through the Industrial Liaison Program, we help businesses access the University's intellectual capital and state-of-the-art labs and research facilities to create strategic partnerships that drive innovation.

In delivering these services, the Catalyst Centre contributes to the financial vitality and the environmental and social impact of the University of Guelph, and the community at large.

The CC welcomes your inquiries: let us know how we can help you.

Catalyst Centre mission

Our mission is to maximize the potential economic, social and environmental benefits of University of Guelph inventions and ideas. We do this by transforming our world-class research into innovations that change lives and improve life.

What we do

  • Promote interaction between University of Guelph researchers and industry
  • Partner with industry to develop Guelph’s technologies into socially, environmentally and economically beneficial products and services
  • Evaluate and protect IP to maximize its value to creators and partners
  • Leverage Guelph’s innovations to fuel regional and national economic development through the formation of new start-up businesses

How we do it

  • By evaluating, protecting, marketing and licensing Guelph’s research inventions, ideas and innovations
  • By hosting networking, outreach and educational events to connect Guelph researchers, industry and entrepreneurs
  • By increasing awareness on campus of the value of intellectual property and commercialization
  • By providing industry liaison services to help industry access and work with the University research community

Technology transfer

University of Guelph research is world-renowned for producing solutions to regional, national and global challenges. The Catalyst Centre ensures that these solutions are widely available for public benefit.

Our technology transfer team provides a broad range of scientific and business expertise, commercialization strategy, market knowledge and industry connections. The team is organized by area of expertise to ensure the best knowledge and experience is available.  Our goal is to enhance the financial value and social and environmental impact of research by helping inventors disseminate their discoveries through commercialization, licensing and new company startups.

Areas of technology transfer focus are:

  • Animal Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Food Science
  • Health Science
  • Plant Science
  • Arts, Economics, Management, Human & Applied Science

Industrial Liaison Program (ILP)

The Industrial Liaison Program is the ideal entry point to the University for businesses interested in establishing strategic collaborative research and business partnerships. The industrial liaison team will match your business needs with the ideal solution provider. This team also helps both researchers and industry partners access various sources of government funding. 

The ILP is your portal to quickly build relationships at U of G that will provide tangible business benefits far into the future.

To get started, contact us at catalystcentre@uoguelph.ca.

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Catalyst Centre results — by the numbers

The University of Guelph generates novel and important discoveries, ideas and technology. Our job at the Catalyst Centre is to ensure these inventions find their way from our labs to the marketplace.







Total disclosures 123 386 194 310
Patent applications filed 39 39 46 38
Patents issued 7 6 8 10
Licenses entered 34 32 45 35
Total active licenses 213 216 188 179
Total license income $1.79 M $1.90 M $1.60 M $1.75 M
U of G Start Ups 0 2 0 1

* These numbers represent only those technologies tracked through the Catalyst Centre