Open the door to exceptional R&D opportunities

Your connection to research expertise and resources

The Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) is designed to help your company nurture its growth with a continuous flow of innovative ideas — ideas for new products, better processes and superior services.


The ILP is your primary portal to University of Guelph research expertise and resources. It's your pipeline to a rich supply of technological and managerial innovation that will help sustain your competitive advantage for decades to come.

Our Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) will work closely with you to match your R&D needs with relevant University faculty and resources. Equipped with a deep understanding of your industry, your ILO is ideally positioned to be an effective conduit to a wealth of opportunities for collaboration that directly address your company's needs and goals.

A unique tradition of entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration underpin the program‘s success. While many companies benefit by individually supporting specific research projects, others participate in programs sponsored by multiple partners or consortia. These partnerships may address challenges facing one or more industries and, in many cases, leverage additional government support. Your ILO can help you make the best connections for business success.


When you enroll in the ILP, your assigned Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) will work with you to define your company's interests and needs, articulate objectives for U of G interaction and develop a plan of action to meet those objectives. Your ILO will then recommend and facilitate introductions to U of G faculty and staff members that help your company meet its objectives.

Services provided your ILO may include:

  • Updating your company on new U of G opportunities and developments
  • Recommending and helping you implement actions to meet your objectives
  • Arranging private meetings with faculty, research staff and students
  • Organizing private workshops and conferences
  • Arranging for U of G faculty to visit your company
  • Helping you engage U of G faculty in successful collaborations
  • Helping you identify and complete funding applications
  • Connecting you to Ontario Centres of Excellence through the local Regional Innovation Centre

U of G offers its faculty, research staff, students and the business community many opportunities to network, collaborate and share expertise. The ILP can help your company compete more effectively.


The ILP streamlines your access to the University’s intellectual capital, which includes more than 800 faculty members from 33 departments in seven colleges on four campuses. As your guide to U of G expertise and resources, your ILO will connect you to the people and programs that enable your company to:

  • Access available funds for collaborative research
  • Stay abreast of new technological developments
  • Gain insight into issues related to your core business
  • Learn about — and exploit — emerging opportunities
  • Anticipate changes in the marketplace
  • Sustain growth and profitability

If invention involves turning cash into ideas, and innovation involves turning ideas into cash, participation in the U of G ILP can help you accelerate both invention and innovation. The bottom line is that your company will be able to compete more effectively.

Join the ILP and open the door to a profitable relationship with the University of Guelph.


Enrollment is simple!

To get started, contact us at An Industry Liaison Officer will contact you to arrange a call or meeting as a first step to a productive and valuable working relationship that will provide tangible business benefits far into the future.

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