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Case Studies

The IP Case Studies were developed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) with the help of academics and IP experts.

Each case study includes a case summary, discussion leader’s guide and an outline for classroom discussions. Please review the Case Study Summaries before contacting Catalyst Centre to determine your area of interest.  


Audience:  Engineering, Business, Science, Social Science

Learning Objectives: Trademark and domain name rights, patent rights, IP database search, international IP regimes

Suki’s Enterprise

Audience: Engineering and Business

Learning Objectives: IP ownership, disclosure, value of trademarks and patents, importance of trade secrets, patentability of software

Silver Communications

Audience: Engineering, Science and Business

Learning Objectives: Industrial design, trademark and patent protection

Telecan Pharma

Audience: Science and Business

Learning Objectives: IP database search, defining and protecting discovery

Samantha Chang

Audience: Science and Business

Learning Objectives: Student IP ownership rights, university-industry research relationship, non-disclosure agreement, patent registration


Audience: Engineering, Social Science and Humanities

Learning Objectives: IP ethics, ownership, disclosure and patents

Cell Bio Therapeutics

Audience: Science and Business

Learning Objectives: Stem cell research commercialization, public disclosure, IP ownership in a university research environment, patent application in foreign jurisdictions

John Thomson How to Market an Invention

Audience: Engineering, Business

Learning Objectives: Non-disclosure agreements, impact of disclosure on patent rights, patent protection, IP strategy for commercialization