New University of Guelph soybean variety produces superior oil for industrial applications

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2016


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High linoleic soybean oil now available for product trials 

New University of Guelph soybean variety produces superior oil for industrial applications 

Guelph, ON, January 27, 2016 – High linoleic soybean oil from a new Ontario soybean variety under development at the University of Guelph is now available in limited quantities for industrial product development trials.  

This oil is extracted from a new soybean variety, OAC 13-55C-HL, originally developed at the University of Guelph by the late Dr. Gary Ablett for potential food use. It is now being looked at for its potential in industrial material applications like paints, coatings, polyols and epoxies, and other products where oilseed oils could be used.  

The oil has a fatty acid profile that is approximately 33 per cent higher in linoleic acid than commodity soybean oil; all other fatty acid levels, including saturates, are lower. It also has a 12 per cent increase in double bonds compared to commodity soybean oil – and the more double bonds, the more reactive the oil, which should allow for improvements in production efficiency and material synthesis.  

Soybean oil’s double bonds enable advanced chemistry, and its long carbon chains provide for other properties such as increased water resistance, a desirable attribute in paints and coatings. The oil and fatty acids can be modified for use in low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coatings or be synthesized and converted into products like polyols and epoxies.  

“The industrial bioproducts market presents significant opportunities for Canada’s soybean industry,” says Jeff Schmalz, CEO of Soy 20/20. “We are excited to find new opportunities where the chemical composition of these unique fatty acids works exceptional well.”  

There is a growing interest by industry to move towards using more sustainable feedstocks. Development of high linoleic soybean oil as replacement feedstocks for those currently derived from petroleum will have numerous positive outcomes, including renewable, sustainable and locally produced products. It will also add diversity to the agricultural sector.  

Soy 20/20 is assisting the University of Guelph, which owns both the oil and the soybean variety, with distribution of small samples of the oil to companies interested in product development applications.  

“The potential this new high linoleic oil offers for soy or oilseed-based industrial applications is promising. We are already working with several industry partners to see it put to the test in product development trials,” adds Rob Roe, Soy 20/20’s Director of Bioproduct Commercialization. “Soybean usage in paints and coatings is on the rise, and this new oil has the potential to be a better feedstock for those uses, as well as in the development of new materials.”  

To obtain an oil sample, please contact Rob Roe at 905-699-6990 or  

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